…to creativity

After 28 years on the fashion field, the start of a new career path has been a challenge for me, and at the same time an opportunity for me to set new standards and to create beautiful memories and feelings to people. Having mastered art design in Greece and Italy, and preserving for 20 years my own brand, I have managed to create complete collections and compete in fashion shows that have taken place on the world’s top stages. As a fashion stylist, I have collaborated with famous designers and fashion groups, creating always by following the current trends and the fashion movement of each era. Every creation of mine is the result of my personal world view and fashion knowledge.

Nowadays, that my creative strategy is on a parallel curve with the fashion current of our era, the way that I am focusing on each event has changed, and is unique and specific. I come in contact with people that share with me their thoughts of producing a lovely moment of their life, and by combining their style approach and their taste with my knowledge and experience on the field we are together constructing the most unforgettable memories.

My partners and I are a strong team and we are at your disposal in order to bring to life your vision, by providing you a full service.