Wedding planning

Enjoy your wedding!

There are many details surrounding the preparation of a wedding, that can be very stressful to the marrying couple, especially to the bride to be !  We know this very well, and for this specific reason we can undertake completely the wedding process, from the initial stressful planning details all the way to the fun and accommodation activities for your guests. We highly recommend that since we are undertaking the process that you relax, and allow us to lead you into this next step of your adult life.

We are undertaking the following:

  • Ceremony (church | chapel | city hall)
  • Venue | Reception Area
  • Accommodation & Transportation of guests
  • Catering | Drinks | Desserts
  • Decoration
  • Photos & Videographer
  • Music, Sound & Lights equipment
  • Invitations & Favors
  • Wedding gown & accessories
  • Groom’s tuxedo & accessories
  • Hair, Make-up and Beauty Services